One Hour Translation Offers Online Gaming Companies Free Glossaries for Multiple Languages

Using the company ‘ready-to-use’ gaming glossaries will save its customers both time and money. The glossaries are now available in German, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Finnish, Spanish (Latin America), French, Italian, as well as the Scandinavian languages. Additional languages will become available upon demand.
The glossary is an essential part of the professional translator’s work. During the translation process, the translator faces domain-specific terms and expressions, and needs to make quick decisions to find the right translation.
“As an international player, we listen to the needs of our global customers. In this case, we chose to use our best practices for the benefit of the gaming industry”, said Ofer Shoshan, the company’s CEO. “The gaming industry is continuing to grow rapidly, we want to ensure that all key players within the space have access to a global market.
The global gaming industry is expected to generate $93 billion in revenues for 2013 and gaming companies are constantly expanding their marketing efforts to new markets. Part of this process is localization of their software and websites to support new languages.
To use the glossaries, please register here and contact the support center
Source - PRNewsWire
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