Next Generation In Fraud Detection Software Being Developed 

22 September 2005

The ai Corporation, a leading provider of payment fraud detection and prevention software, is teaming up with the University of Exeter as part of the ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’. The project hopes to design and develop the next generation of fraud detection tools.

The University is already working with other multi–national companies such as HP, Compaq and Motorola in the arena of computer science.

Dr Richard Everson, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Exeter University, said: “We are keen to work with The ai Corporation who been committed to continually evolving their fraud prevention products as new and more imaginative techniques are developed by fraudsters. This project, which will bring together the next generation of self learning and optimising fraud detection products, provides the University and The ai Corporation with a real challenge.”

Mark Carter, CEO of The ai Corporation said: “This is a very exciting project for The ai Corporation. We have always been at the cutting edge and have developed a range of complex and effective fraud detection tools. This combined project will give us the opportunity to take our software to the next level by working with some of the World’s leading computer research scientists.’