Zynga open-sources zPerform monitor tool

7 April 2012

Social gaming company Zynga has open-sourced zPlatform, its tool for monitoring the performances of its social-gaming servers.

According to the Gigaom.com website, Zynga’s production servers run on its custom-built zCloud architecture.

Each day, zPlatform processes 150 gigabytes of data, adds 100 million databases rows, and offers 50 million profiles and hundreds of ways in which to view them.

Binu Phillip, Zynga architect and blogger, described the zPlatform server as a processing engine with a 'heartbeat of 30 minutes'.

He added: 'All data that is available at 30-minute boundaries are grouped, sliced and diced. In addition to profiles, server keeps user and instance counts and system metrics. All of this data is keyed with timestamps.'