Women in Racing joins All-in Diversity Project

10 May 2019

Women in Racing (WiR), an organisation committed to developing the profile of women in the sport of horse racing, has signed up as a strategic partner of the All-in Diversity Project.

WiR will now work with the All-in Diversity Project to help promote diversity in the gambling market, with a particular focus on raising the profile of women in senior roles and encouraging more women to apply for these positions.

The All-in Diversity Project focuses on championing both diversity and equality in the industry, creating tools such as knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training initiatives, learning exchanges, interactive events and to support long-term impactful change.

“WiR is delighted to partner with the All-in Diversity Project which is taking a pioneering approach to improving the data available on diversity, and in particular progressing the discussion and debate about gender equality,” WiR deputy chair, Tallulah Lewis, said.

“Through collaboration and supporting each other we want to ensure there is clear visibility of the issues and that progress is made in both the betting and horseracing industries.”

Kelly Kehn, co-founder of the All-in Diversity Project, added: “Both organisations support data and research to solve problems and believe we can learn from each other.

“Additionally, betting is inherently a part of racing and we can improve our products and how we market to and acquire a new and diverse customer base when we can collaborate. Working together is better for both industries.”

WiR joins the likes of Paddy Power Betfair, Caesars Entertainment and IGT in supporting the All-in Diversity Project.

In March, WMRecruit also became the first independent recruitment agency to become a strategic partner of the not-for-profit initiative.

The addition of WiR as a partner comes after the All-in Diversity Project also recently named Andy Danson, head of the International Gambling Practice at Bird & Bird LLP, as the latest member of its advisory board.

Danson joins existing members Shelley White, Susan Hensel, Jan Jones Blackhurst, Richard Schuetz, Sue Schneider and Holly Cook Macarro.