UNLV launches study into impact of betting and igaming

2 July 2020

The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) is to conduct a study assessing the impact of online gaming and sports betting regulation in the US, with the project to be funded by GVC Holdings’ non-profit arm, the GVC Foundation US.

The study, which will be carried out by UNLV’s International Gaming Institute (IGI), will assess developments in markets across the US, to determine the key issues facing policymakers and stakeholders, especially those related to player protection.

“Effective public policy is always best served by an evidence-based approach to its creation,” Alan Feldman, distinguished fellow in responsible gaming for IGI and chair of the International Center for Responsible Gaming, explained.

“It is our hope to contribute to the body of knowledge in this area so that the public can benefit from this activity and whatever harms may arise can be minimised to the greatest extent possible.”

Funding will be provided by GVC Foundation US, the body established in September 2019 to coordinate the operator’s corporate social responsibility efforts, with a focus on promoting responsible gambling and sporting integrity.

GVC’s director of regulatory affairs Martin Lycka, also a trustee of the foundation, said the industry had reached “a crucial point” in the development of the US market, with novel coronavirus (Covid-19) having caused widespread disruption.

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