Unikrn snaps up ChallengeMe.GG

18 April 2018

Unikrn has announced the acquisition of German-based esports matchmaking service ChallengeMe.GG.

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed, but Unikrn chief executive Rahul Sood said the deal represented a multi-million dollar agreement for the company.

Sood also said that the acquisition will allow it to create the first “crypto gaming platform”.

“This is going to be the platform we use to bring skill-based betting products to our users as well,” Sood said in a blog post.

“Remember, Unikrn has patent-pending technology on placing crypto bets on video game contests; now it’s time for us to flex that IP, starting with the CME platform.”

Sood added that Unikrn’s own blockchain technology will help to power the ChallengeMe.GG platform.

“They were going to make their own token, but we already have the best, most-sold and most widely traded esports and gaming token on the planet,” Sood said.

“With this acquisition, everything is in place; tis new world is coming upon us quickly.”

Unikrn added in a statement: “By merging, we are in essence creating the ultimate community, skill-based and crowdfunding platform for esports tournaments.

“An all-in-one platform to engage, challenge, match and reward gamers of any level.”

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