UK’s Gambling Commission records 7% rise in gross gambling yield

2 December 2013

The Gambling Commission, the regulatory body for the majority of gambling in Great Britain, has cited non-remote betting as the catalyst behind a 7% rise in gross gambling yield (GGY) between April 2012 and March 2013.

In its Industry Statistics publication, the body said the British gambling industry generated a GGY of £6.3 billion (€7.4 billion/$10.1 billion), a rise of more than £400 million compared to the period between April 2011 and March 2012.

The Commission also noted in its report that non-remote betting is proving to be the most popular form of gambling in the UK, with the sector contributing a 51% share of GGY.

However, the remote betting, bingo and casino sector did experience growth during the period, as did the betting, bingo, casino and lottery sectors.

The only sector to have suffered in a drop in GGY between the two most recent reporting periods was the arcades market, which fell from £376.9 million in March 2012 to £339 million in the latest period.

Elsewhere, GGY for B2 machines in betting shops also grew 7% to £1.5 billion, despite a slight drop in the amount of B2 machines present in outlets.

The commission also noted a drop in the amount of people employed in the industry, with the total figure falling by 2,125 to 107,791.