Traffic Generation highlights new communication channels in social casino

25 March 2014

Data analytics and marketing technology specialist Traffic Generation has highlighted the need to further investigate new communication channels after a study found that the more social casino players would opt for alternative social media platforms.

The company found that apart from Facebook, 33% of social casino players were most likely to respond to messages on Google+, while Twitter also proved popular with 28%.

New channels such as Snapchat (22%) and Whatsapp (11%) have also shown signs of growth and Traffic Generation suggested that a focus on these platforms could prove beneficial.

Andy Caras-Altas, chief executive of Traffic Generation, said: “The responses to this particular question were surprising, especially the fact that 33% of players would consider responding to contacts via Google+ despite the very low penetration of Social Casino into this platform.

“Furthermore, Snapchat and Whatsapp’s popularity among social casino players indicates that new communication channels should be investigated.

“This process of migration into other channels (away from Facebook) might be considered an inevitable process, and why smart operators should be investigating the available tools to help them access and utilise them whilst balancing the reality that the game play resides in Facebook or mobile platforms.”

Traffic Generation’s research also found that 64% of players would prefer to pay for coin packages on a pay-as-you-go basis while just 36% would opt for on-going subscriptions for continuous discount on coin packages.

“Pay-as-you-go payment models are by far and away the most commonly found in social casino games. They are simple to implement and cater well to VIP play,” Caras-Altas said.

“We were though interested to discover such a large proportion of players that would prefer subscription models, if they were available.

“Social casino operators have an opportunity to explore this desire for subscription-based gaming. The challenge will be to provide a mechanism that satisfies this segment’s wants, without limiting the opportunity for VIP play.

“The first social casino to crack this problem has the chance to capture a significant proportion of this segment of the market.”

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