Traffic Generation in double partnership announcement

26 February 2014

Data and analytics specialist Traffic Generation announced partnership agreements with casino games company Action Gaming and igaming operator win2day.

The Action Gaming deal is an extension of an existing agreement between the two companies, under which Traffic Generation will now provide the firm with additional technology services for its free-to-play video poker brand.

The new deal will see Traffic Generation’s ‘Hub’ convergence platform now become a core component of Action Gaming’s social platform.

According to Traffic Generation, the new service will enable the development of in-app functionality designed to boost player engagement rates, maximise monetisation and improve cross-promotional capabilities.

Traffic Generation also said that the service would improve integration with, release additional social functionality, increase the speed of the platform’s development roadmap and optimise both the game play experience and player values.

Meanwhile, traffic Generation has also agreed a new partnership with win2day, which is part of the Casinos Austria land-based gaming group and is the operator of the online gaming business of Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries.

Andy Caras-Altas, chief executive officer of Traffic Generation, said the two companies had been working together for some time already and the new deal would increase the number of products supplied to the operator.

Emmerich Hager, head of operations and business development at win2day, was equally as optimistic about the deal and said it would bring “exciting prospects” throughout 2014.

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