Tawakley joins CasinoCoin Foundation

29 March 2018

Former IGT executive Ashish Tawakley has been appointed chief commercial officer at CasinoCoin Foundation.

Tawakley will lead commercial operations for the non-profit organisation which supports the cryptocurrency CasinoCoin.

Tawakley, who has more than 15 years’ gaming experience with IGT and Betfair, will lead business development in European regulated gambling markets.

Tawakley said: “I’ve been watching the crypto space develop, and I’m truly fascinated about blockchain technology and the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

“I realised very quickly that CasinoCoin is unique - no initial coin offering (ICO), no hyped roadmap. Instead, there is a very experienced team who have developed a suite of products that have real value and real world utility.”

He added: “There is an untapped market of players who are invested, and passionately believe, in the utility of cryptocurrency for the long term.”

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