Swarm set for Google Glass launch

15 August 2013

Details have emerged of a new app under development that will provide the first massive multi-player online game for Google Glass, the wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.

The Swarm game will cast players as members of an ant colony, and they must complete daily tasks whilst being tracked by GPS data, according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The consumer version of Google Glass is not expected to go on sale until the end of this year.

'Glass has challenged developers to think about social environments in a new way,' Columbia University's Jonathan Lawhead, who co-designed the game, told the newspaper.

'A big part of that challenge is in helping people imagine how this technology will impact their daily lives in the near future.

'Swarm is more than just a game. It’s a framework for engaging the crowds as they navigate shared public spaces. Swarm is a radical experiment in self-organisation.'

Last month, developer BrickSimple released a YouTube video showcasing GlassBattle, a game for Google Glass that will be based on the classic game Battleship.