Svenska Spel commits SEK50m to Swedish grassroots sports

13 November 2019

Swedish gambling operator Svenska Spel has donated more than SEK50m (£4.0m/€4.7m/$5.1m) to grassroots sports in the country for the seventh consecutive year as part of its Gräsroten initiative.

Funding was distributed to a total of 8,556 associations across 71 sports, with more than half of this (SEK29.9m) going to football. Ice hockey followed with SEK5.8m, and then floorball with SEK2.2m.

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, was the region with the most funding, receiving SEK10.2m as part of the scheme. Västra Götaland ranked second with SEK9.3m, then Skåne on SEK8.3m.

“Enabling more children and young people to become part of the Swedish sports family and get moving is incredibly important,” Svenska Spel chief executive Patrik Hofbauer said. “Gräsroten is one of the initiatives we drive to pull our straw to that stack.”

Money was distributed to projects and initiatives based on votes cast by Svenska Spel customers. Players were asked to choose their three favourite associations, with the most popular choices receiving more funding.

Stefan Bergh, general secretary for the Swedish Sports Federation, added that Gräsroten was making a real difference for sports associations in the country.

"Through their unremitting commitment, the associations are able to handle a lot themselves, but thanks to Gräsroten, they can do that bit extra that helps the sports family continue to grow as more children and young people get moving," he said.

Image: Rolandhino1