Spain: CONFAD approves action plan on match-fixing

29 July 2020

Spain’s National Commission to Combat the Manipulation of Sports Competitions and Betting Fraud (CONFAD) has approved a national plan to combat fraud in sports betting for 2020-2021.

Overseen by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the commission will continue its anti-fraud work through four pillars: analysis and diagnosis; disclosure and awareness; control and monitoring, and the study of current regulations and operations.

The commission brings together the Ministry of Consumer Affairs with the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), the Higher Council for Sports, the National Police and Civil Guard. These authorities will work alongside sports governing bodies including Royal Spanish Football Federation, Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, La Liga, Association of Spanish Soccer Players, as well as major operators bet365, Sportium, Codere and GVC Holdings.

The national plan sets out a series of measures to be implemented between 2020 and 2021.

In the area of analysis and diagnosis, the plan emphasises the need to raise public and professional awareness of the dangers of sporting corruption.

To improve awareness among sporting participants, athletes, coaches, and other sporting professionals are to be educated about the existing legal framework around sports betting fraud, clarifying the risks and threats it poses.

In the area of control and monitoring, CONFAD aims to improve the monitoring and follow-up activities currently in place. The channels of information sharing and collaboration between those fighting betting fraud will be promoted broadly to allow for greater control.

With regards to the study of current regulations and operations, the plan aims to ensure that the legal framework is best placed to respond to new developments as and when they occur. The commission noted that constant reviews and udpates of regulation would be key, given the rate of change in the market driven by technological advancement.

"The increasing relevance and constant evolution of the manipulation of sports competitions and betting fraud demonstrate the need to have an effective approach in the fight against this practice," CONFAD explained.