South Australia cuts maximum pokies machine stake by 50%

9 January 2017

South Australia has activated a new law that will slice the maximum stake that player can wager on slot machines in the state to A$5 (€3.47/US$3.66).

The new stake represents a cut of 50% on the previous maximum bet on ‘pokies’ of A$10.

According to the website, lawmakers in South Australia had made the decision to make the cut in 2013, in an effort to cut gambling addiction in the state, but had failed to formalise the measure.

The new law came into effect on December 31, 2016, and applies to all pokies in the state.

However, despite the move, Senator Nick Xenophon, a prominent critic of the gaming industry, has said the 50% cut is not enough and more should be done to tackle gambling-related issues in the state.

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