Social games are risk to children, says Labour deputy leader

2 January 2018

A senior UK politician says social games available on Facebook could lead children to become problem gamblers when they become older.

Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, told the Guardian newspaper that minors are bring targeted with games that normalise behaviours associated with gambling.

Watson was referring to a report in the Guardian which said gambling-style apps which target young people are being offered on Facebook without any checks on age.

The report focussed on social games created by Scientific Games that features characters from The Flintstones and Rapunzel as well as Christmas-themed slots.

While a disclaimer says the game is aimed at people over 21, no age verification is required, according The Guardian.

Watson said: “Games designed to get children in the habit of gambling are being marketed. The company that makes these products is cynically targeting young people, some of whom are at risk of developing gambling addictions later in life.”

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