Senet Group hails success of responsible gambling campaign

7 November 2017

The Senet Group has paid tribute to the impact of its ‘When the Fun Stops’ responsible gambling campaign after revealing that over 80% of regular gamblers are aware of the initiative.

Publishing its latest six-monthly report into the campaign, Senet Group said more than half of all adults have heard of the initiative, while 75% of players and the public at large are also familiar with the key tips featured in the effort.

The Senet Group survey also found that approximately 11% of adults said this form of responsible campaigning had prompted them to warn others about their gambling habits.

Of those surveyed, 23% of gamblers said it made them approach gambling more responsibly and 18% said it had helped them to stop gambling more than they should on at least one occasion.

Senet Group chair Wanda Goldwag said: “The reach and impact of this campaign is at levels few, if any, other public health awareness and behaviour change can match.

“In less than three years, we have doubled the number of people saying they had raised a gambling worry with others and nearly doubled the number who have been prompted to stop gambling on some occasion.

“If the results are representative, this would mean over three million players have changed their habits to some degree as a result of the campaign and even more people have felt encouraged to raise a gambling worry with others.

“We will be sharing these findings with Department of Culture, Media and Sport as the department consults on proposals for changes to gaming machines and social responsibility measures.”

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