Responsible Gambling Collaborative launches new effectiveness principles

10 January 2020

The Responsible Gambling Collaborative (RGC) - an umbrella organisation dedicated to responsible gambling and the prevention of problem gambling - has announced new effectiveness principles and the results of a state-by-state study on RG funding.

The body, which includes the American Gaming Association, National Center for Responsible Gaming, National Indian Gaming Association and Responsible Gambling Council, revealed six effectiveness principles, designed to to foster responsible gambling in the US.

The first of these principles is to support funding for research and evaluation. The RGC recommended that government funding should support research into identifying behaviors that encourage responsible gambling and practices that are most effective in getting problem gamblers into treatment services.

“We know research is essential to better understand and encourage responsible gambling, support prevention and treatment of problem gambling, and to advance the most effective public policies and business practices related to these issues,” it said.

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