Racing steering group launches new LGBT+ training scheme

25 June 2020

The Diversity in Racing Steering Group (DiRSG) has announced a new initiative that will deliver training to improve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual plus (LGBT+). awareness and inclusion within the British horse racing sector.

Developed by the DiRSG’s dedicated LGBT+ sub-group, the e-learning module will now be included in the mandatory licensing courses at the British Racing School and National Horseracing College.

The new module will also be available via the Racing2Learn portal and made accessible to anyone involved in the racing industry.

The DiRSG, an organisation founded in 2017 to enhance diversity in British horse racing, said it established its LGBT+ sub-group after research showed that many people in the sport who identified as a sexual minority did not feel comfortable ‘coming out’ at work.

Further action is planned for later in the year, including creating a new LGBT+ network for role models and allies to share their experiences with anyone in the racing sector that needs support.

Annamarie Phelps, chair of the British Horseracing Association (BHA), one of the founder members of the DiRSG, hopes that the new training module aims to help members of the LGBT+ community feel more comfortable at work.

“I hope it will give everyone in racing the confidence to address questions about how to engage and embrace our current and growing LGBT+ community, and allow everyone in racing to be their true selves whether at work or having a great day out at the races,” Phelps said.