PokerStars unveils sweeping changes to online poker platform

3 November 2015

Amaya-owned online poker brand PokerStars has announced that it is to make a series of major changes to its VIP programme, promotional campaigns, policies and various other features in an effort to enhance player experience.

As of January 1, 2016, the brand will introduce a ‘VIP Steps’ programme and alter the Frequent Player Points (FPP) system to feature a new currency in ‘StarsCoin’, which will operate under a constant value rather than a variable one.

‘VIP Club’ rewards will be capped at 30%, while customers at the ‘PlatinumStar’ level will see a 10% drop in overall rewards, although ‘BronzeStar’ and ‘GoldStar’ players will continue to receive rewards similar to those at the current level.

Players that achieve ‘Supernova Elite’ status will have access to more rewards, with these being capped at 45% for 2016.

In addition, there will no longer be limits for VIP Player Points (VPP) for pot-limit and no-limit games with blinds of $5/$10 or higher, eight-game with limits of $10/$20 or higher, and other limit games that feature blinds of $10/$15 or higher.

Eric Hollreiser, vice-president of corporate communications at Amaya, said: “PokerStars today unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance the playing experience and to re-emphasise the fun and social aspects of online poker while attracting and retaining more players to the game.

“Poker is a fun game that we love and our responsibility is to make sure that every player at PokerStars – advanced, recreational, or new – can enjoy this game as much as we do.”

The move comes after PokerStars recently unveiled changes to its policies for third-party software, with many of these tools now being banned.

PokerStars has also revealed plans to increase marketing activity surrounding its partnerships with professional footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

“Today, we want to make clear that the line will be drawn to preserve poker as a battle of wits and a test of heart,” Hollreiser added.

“This will only have a direct effect on a small proportion of players and builds upon our responsibility to provide a level playing field for all players.”

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