Playtech boosts fraud prevention with Featurespace

13 February 2017

Playtech has entered into a strategic partnership with fraud prevention and risk management software provider Featurespace.

Under the deal, Featurespace’s ARIC technology solutions will be integrated into Playtech’s player management system to provide additional fraud and risk tools to Playtech licensees.

The ARIC platform is able to detect fraud and risk management anomalies in individual player behaviour, thus enabling Playtech to detect any unusual activity in their player base.

“We are proud to partner with Playtech; both companies are committed to providing innovative solutions to the gaming sector, and this partnership will enable real-time access to an enhanced level of protection for Playtech’s customers,” Featurespace chief executive Martina King said.

Shimon Akad, chief operating officer at Playtech, added: “Playtech has a proven track record in delivering the most advanced fraud prevention and risk management software and services to our licensees.

“We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Featurespace in order to offer our licensees access to an additional, sophisticated, best-of-breed fraud prevention solution.

“This arrangement further enhances our commitment to our customers and their players with the best gaming experience in the industry.”

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