Optimove research highlights mobile social casino growth

30 October 2015

Mobile social casino players are more likely to pay for gaming services and features than those accessing games via the web, according to new research from marketing and customer retention software service firm Optimove.

The report said that mobile players convert to paying customers almost twice as fast as web players, with their second payment also coming 1.5 times faster.

Mobile players also prove to be more active than those on the web, playing on 1.6 times more days and having 1.4 times more game sessions.

In addition, mobile players pay more frequently, with 1.4 times more payment days the web players, while most players have a preference for one platform, with just 4% playing on both web and mobile.

However, those that access games on more than one platform tend to convert into paying customers 3.9 times more than single-platform players, with multi-platform players also 20% more likely to make a second payment.

The average payment made by multi-platform players is also 10% higher than that of those that only play on one platform.

“No one can dispute the fact that mobile is on the rise,” Optimove said in a blog post addressing the results.

“In fact, many companies breaking into the gaming industry today design for mobile only, treating the web as redundant. Our data backs up the supposition that things happen faster on mobile in the world of social gaming.

“However, it’s worth noting that mobile doesn’t surpass the Web in some significant KPIs, including payment amounts, conversion rates and retention rates.

“Our data shows that social gaming’s best customers are neither on the web nor on mobile exclusively—they’re the double-delight multi-platform players.

“These findings suggest that it may be worthwhile investing in marketing campaigns designed to push loyal single-platform players into the other platform.

“Giving them a significant incentive to play your game on the other platform may help them cross the chasm from single- to multi-platform players and become the fully-immersed, totally-engaged most valuable players of your games.”

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