Optimove links up with OtherLevels

7 September 2015

Marketing and customer retention software service provider Optimove has struck a partnership with OtherLevels, a mobile marketing and analytics platform for the iGaming and betting industries.

The new partnership will provide OtherLevels’ clients with a broad range of messaging formats to connect with their customers and application users.

Optimove’s software segments customers to personalise digital campaigns and maximise customers’ lifetime value.

According to Optimove, its technology and services help clients and mobile marketers to increase customer conversions, reduce churn, boost revenues and retrieve what it calls “lost” customers.

OtherLevels said that 75 of Optimove’s customers are in market sectors that overlap with its own “customer base and targets”.

The partnership will be activated initially through BetAmerica, a US wagering company that recently agreed a deal with OtherLevels.

“Our results and research have shown repeatedly that optimal messaging – personal, timely, and relevant digital messages and communications delivered across multiple channels to customers and app users — increases customer interaction, retention and lifetime user value,” Australia-based OtherLevels said.

“The incorporation of Optimove’s technologies and services represents another milestone for us since our successful March 2015 listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.”

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