New Montana bill entrusts sports betting to state lottery

27 March 2019

Lawmakers in Montana are to run the rule over another bill that would legalise sports betting in the state, with the proposals to make the Montana Lottery the sole operator for the market.

Introduced by Representative Ryan Lynch, HB 725 would allow for land-based, online and mobile sports wagering in the state, but only via the Montana Lottery.

The bill, also known as the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment of 2019, would allow for specialist sports betting kiosks to placed be at licensed venues across the state such as bars and restaurants.

Consumers would also be able to place bets over the internet through websites and on mobile devices, but the bill does not set out how this would be put into practice at this stage.

Although the bill does not disclose details as to how much licences would cost or how at what rate sports wagering would be taxed, it does confirm that a new lottery and sports wagering commission would oversee the market.

This commission would also determine the locations at which state lottery game games and sports wagering tickets, or chances, wagers, or bets may be sold.

Sports betting would be available to all consumers over the age of 18, with the exception of those employed by a licensed sports wagering venue.

The types of wagering that would be available to the market would be limited to single-game bets, teaser bets, parlays, over-under, money line, pools, exchange wagering, in-game wagering, in-play bets, and proposition bets.

Last week, another bill was also introduced with the aim of legalising land-based, online and mobile sports betting in the state.

SB 330, also known as the Montana Sports Betting Act, sets out provisions for operators to offer an interactive sports wagering platform via a website or a mobile device to consumers located inside the premises of a licensed gambling facility.

Image: Sebastian Bergmann