Nevada sportsbooks continue to shine in April

27 May 2016

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has said that despite having suffered more losses in the casino market, the US state experienced further growth within its sportsbook market during April.

Total casino win for the month came in at $876.1 million (€783.5 million), down 2.4% on the amount collected in April of last year and a drop on the $922 million generated in March this year.

Game and table win for the month was up 4.1% year-on-year to $308.6 million, but slot win, the state’s main source of gaming income, was down 5.7% to $567.4 million.

However, Nevada experienced its most successful April on record in terms of sports betting, with sportsbooks taking $292 million in wagers during the month, $40 million more than last year.

Sportsbook revenue for the month came in at $13.5 million, which was 70% more than last year.

Nevada is still by far the most successful state in the US in terms of generating revenue from legalised gambling activities.

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