Nevada to consider skill-based video gaming

9 June 2014

A legislative study committee has recommended that Nevada should change its laws in order to permit the US state’s Gaming Commission to consider introducing skill-based video gaming.

The Las Vegas Sun newspaper reported that Dan Reaser, a lawyer that represents game manufacturers, had proposed that the Gaming Commission be allowed to approve rules to permit skill-based games and for casinos to give good customers a better chance of winning.

Reaser said that the concept could tie video games to a slot machine, allowing the users with the most skill to have the best chance of winning.

The proposal would also allow casinos to change odds for recognised good customers in order to give more frequent players better chance of winning from such games.

Current Nevada rules state that odds must be the same for all players.

Reaser first put forward his idea to the Legislative Committee to Conduct an Interim Study Concerning the Impact of Technology upon Gaming on May 27.

In his address, Reaser said that the proposal “would expand the authority of the Nevada Gaming Commission to promulgate regulations that encourage development and deployment of gaming devices incorporating innovative, alternative and advanced technologies”.

The proposal, which was the only one to be passed by the committee in its final meeting, will be presented to the 2015 legislature.