Nevada approves larger multi-state jackpots and prize pools

25 November 2013

The Nevada Gambling Commission has approved new regulations to allow slot machines makers and keno companies to widen prize pools and offer larger jackpots across US state lines.

According to the website, the new rules will enable companies to compete with interstate lotteries by offering greater jackpots and prizes.

Attorney Dan Reaser sought the rule on behalf of gaming products designer and manufacturer International Game Technology (IGT), and online casino games and solutions company Bally Technologies.

Reaser said that the idea behind the new regulations was to expand slot network games currently offered in-state, to states or tribal jurisdictions that approve similar regulations.

“This would allow a Harrah’s property in Mississippi that’s offering Megabucks to hook up with Harrah’s properties in Nevada that have Megabucks and offer a larger prize pool,” Reaser said.

“If you have more people playing more machines, the prize meter goes up faster.

“It’s not a lottery, and it’s not a common game like internet poker.

“The individual slot machines are sitting there today in the casinos. The only thing interstate is the prize pool.”

Reaser added that states and tribes would collect fees and taxes based on systems in their own jurisdiction.

“If the slot machine is in Nevada, Nevada taxes the revenue that goes into the slot machine,” he said. “But the prize would be taxed in the state where it was won.”

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