MRG adds behavioural intervention alerts to Green Gaming

27 June 2019

Online gambling operator MRG has enhanced its responsible gaming solution Green Gaming with new intervention mechanics based on consumer behaviour.

The new, integrated tools are designed to increase awareness of potential risks arising from gambling, as well has providing information that can prompt a player to moderate or modify gambling habits. 

The Green Gaming algorithm now analyses the customer's actual behaviour, with alerts triggered by patterns that suggest a higher risk factor. The solution also provides players with insights into gambling habits, comparing playing patters with individuals' perception of how they gamble. 

“Our goal is a long-term relationship with our customers,” MRG chief executive, Patrick Jonker, said. “After two years with the Green Gaming predictive tool, we see that our satisfaction index constantly increases at the same time as smarter and individual responsible gaming measures have been introduced.

“Customer satisfaction drives loyalty which is the best currency to measure our success.”

MRG developed the tools in partnership with Sustainable Interaction, a Swedish company that specialises in digital products and diagnostic tools in the fields of responsible gaming and psychosocial health.