Mississippi betting market swings to a loss in June

15 July 2020

Mississippi’s sports betting market posted a $62,230.77 loss for June, after the state’s northern casinos posted heavy losses on basketball betting for the month. 

The latest figures from the Mississippi Gaming Commission show that total revenue is down significantly from June 2019’s $1.6m total. This also represents a decline from May 2020’s revenue of $87,697.08.

Amounts wagered were also down significantly year-on-year, at $1.6m, compared to $15.2m in the prior year. June’s handle, however, represented a significant increase on the $236,502.91 wagered in May this year. 

The state’s coastal casinos continued to account for the bulk of handle, with $898,425.30 wagered at the properties. Licensees held $27,358.45 of this sum, for a win percentage of 3.05%. 

Other sports - ie, those outside of the traditional US sports of football, basketball and baseball - accounted for $625,457.64 of amounts wagered, and revenue of $119,335.49. However must of this was wiped out by heavy losses on football and basketball. 

For football, players staked just $1,388.40 but sportsbooks made a loss of $90,177.75, while basketball stakes of $33,720.80 resulted in losses of $44,807.16.

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