Metric launches first full sportsbook for InAndOutBet

17 January 2020

B2B sports betting software provider Metric Gaming has completed its first full sportsbook launch with, an online casino and sports betting brand owned by ManiSol Gaming., which focuses on the Northern European market, will now be able to offer customers a range of sports wagering services, as well as instant deposit and withdrawal options.

According to Metric, which is licensed in the UK and now Malta, the sportsbook will be fully localised in each country where operates.

Metric chief executive Martin de Knijff said this localisation will include pricing autonomy for each market and every selection on the sportsbook, which he said is crucial for local taxation laws.

“This is so important for international brands these days due to the conflicting taxation rules introduced internationally,” de Knijff said. “This will be a significant competitive advantage over their rivals, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to contribute to ManiSol’s success.”

ManiSol Gaming chief operating officer Erik Gilstring added: “We are confident we have secured the most modern sports betting product available on the market for our customers and are pleased to have added another high quality, innovative vertical to our growing brand.”