Malta Gaming Authority to review Italian licensees

13 February 2018

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has confirmed it is to probe its Italian online licensees in response to police-led, anti-Mafia activities.

Last week, the MGA moved to suspend the licence of Phoenix International due to its links with Italian Benedetto Bacchi, who was arrested as part of an anti-Mafia effort headed up by Italian police.

Police have alleged that Bacchi operated a series of data transmission centres that circumvented gaming authorities in Italy in order to avoid paying local tax.

Joseph Cuschieri, executive chairman of the MGA, has now told Italian gambling news website Agimeg that he is keen to “start a collaboration” with the Italian Anti-Mafia Commission.

Cuschieri also said that the MGA “needs to know the activity” of Italian gaming companies that are active in the Maltese market.

The MGA has suspended a number of licences in recent years due to alleged links with Mafia activities.

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