Louisiana bill proposes localised sports betting

1 April 2019

Lawmakers in Louisiana are to consider a new bill that would allow for the legalisation of mobile and land-based sports betting on a parish-by-parish basis.

SB153, also known as the Louisiana Sports Wagering Control Act, would permit sports wagering at horse racing tracks, casinos and riverboats in the US state.

All facilities would first need to obtain a sports betting certificate in order to offer such services to consumers, with the Louisiana Gaming Control Board to oversee the market.

However, the bill does not go into detail as to how much these licences would cost or the level of tax licensees would have to pay.

The bill would permit land-based wagering via machines, kiosks and designated windows as well as mobile betting on site at a licensed facility. Consumers would first be required to register in-person at the site in order to be on mobile.

SB153 also sets out that sports betting would only be allowed in a parish where the majority of citizens have voted in favour of permitting such activities.

State elections are to take place on October 12, and residents would able to cast their vote on proposed sports betting laws if the bill passes into law.

Should the bill come into law, horse racing tracks, casinos and riverboats would be able to begin applying for sports betting licences from January 1, 2020.

Image: Ken Lund