Lotto Thüringen launches revamped online portal

26 May 2020

German state lottery Lotto Thüringen has unveiled a revamped online portal for players, following a comprehensive rebuild of its site carried out by IT service provider Adesso.

The supplier also built the lottery’s original online portal, which went live in 2012, with a mobile component rolled out a year later.

Lotto Thüringen said the new website has been designed to reflect changes in player behaviour, as well as to target new demographics and employ new technologies.

The 18-month project saw Adesso build an offering with a more responsive design, using the Spring Web MVC framework to allow the site architecture to be adapted and evolved over time.

“This relaunch project for Lotto Thüringen allowed us to use the full range of our specialist knowledge,” Marc Lorek, head of Adesso’s lottery business, explained.

“The result is a modern, user-friendly website with a clear customer focus. Our expertise with the latest technology has also allowed us to ensure that the solution is a secure, future-proof investment.”

Lotto Thüringen managing director Jochen Staschewski added that the revamped site would provide players with a “completely new experience”.

“From online ticket submission to information about wins, our customers will enjoy a pleasant experience with an accessible website that also offers a high level of security for all processes,” he explained.