Live games represent up to 17% of casinos' main pages in UK

20 October 2017

Live games are an increasing feature of the top casino pages in the UK, according to this month’s exclusive analysis from iGaming Tracker’s Ken Muir.

The prevalence of live casino games has ramped up to as much as 17% in Sky Casino’s case, which Muir attributes to the casino’s exclusive deal with Playtech.

Live casino specialists Playtech and Evolution are revealed to dominate the market, and have exclusive agreements with most of the casinos featured, according to Muir’s analysis from September, 2017.

Only one of the casinos analysed in the latest tracker had more than one relationship with a provider of live games, despite the fact many offered slot games from multiple providers on the same page.

For the full analysis and data revealing the extent of Playtech and Evolution’s reach into the casino market, see: Live games: Playtech vs. Evolution (paywall)