Lithuanian Football Federation: 24 matches fixed in 2019

17 January 2020

A total of 24 football matches in Lithuania were suspected of having been affected by match-fixing in 2019, according to the Lithuanian Football Federation.

The figure was announced by the Gambling Supervisory Authority, part of Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance, as it held a meeting to discuss ways of tackling betting related corruption with representatives of the country's gambling industry. It admitted that it was difficult to determine the extent of match-fixing in the country.

The meeting covered discussions about the current situation with regards to match-fixing, and ways to refine the exchange of information and cooperation between the industry and sporting authorities.

The Gambling Supervisory Authority also reminded operators that under the country’s Gambling Act, it is illegal - and punishable with up to four years’ imprisonment - for individuals to place bets on events in which they participate.

Operators must refuse to take bets from these individuals, or refuse to pay winnings if the bet has already been placed, the Authority added.

Earlier this week, the Global Lottery Monitoring System, the sports betting integrity body for the lottery industry, has revealed that it flagged 98 football matches to its partner network for potentially suspicious activity in 2019.