LatAm and Spanish social casino markets to generate $95.8m in 2014

26 June 2014

The Latin American and Spanish social casino markets are set to generate $95.8 million (€70.4 million) in 2014, according to research by market intelligence provider SuperData and gaming website Playspace.

The joint report found that players are most likely to access such games through a laptop or desktop device, while just 9% use a smartphone to play games and 6% opt for a tablet device.

For those players that do use a mobile to access games, 83% use an Android device while just 8% opt for iOS.

In terms of the games that proved most popular in the markets, bingo was ranked first with 38%, followed by poker and lottery with 22% and 10% respectively.

Roulette (9%), slots (6%) and blackjack (5%) completed the list of game genres.

Considering the amount spent on games, the report found of those players that have made in-game purchases, the total average spending on social casino games stands at $34.50 per month.

Of the items purchased, virtual currency was the most popular selection with 70%, followed by energy/extra live and special items with 14% and 11% respectively.

The majority of purchases are driven by players wishing to gain a competitive advantage (36%) or wanting to decrease game difficulty (30%).

Latin American and Spanish gamers are most likely to pay for in-game purchases using a credit or debit card (47%) but online payment service PayPal also proved popular with 29% of the vote.

The report also found that female players outnumber males, with 70% of social casino gamers in the region being female and just 30% male.

Of these players, 67% played games to help relieve stress, 49% said it helped with mental stimulation, 28% cited social interaction as the main reason, while 16% enjoyed the competitive spirit of the games.

In addition, the report also identified the average social casino player in the markets as a 34-year-old person with one child that has completed some college, makes $19,000 per year and plays games using a computer.

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