Kindred partners with European Football Development Network

11 December 2019

Kindred Group has agreed a deal to become the first community partner of the European Football Development Network (EFDN), a group of clubs, leagues and associations committed to using the sport as a tool for social development.

Under the deal, Kindred will support the EFDN with its efforts to promote values such as fair play and respect, as well as its education, diversity, social cohesion and physical activity initiatives.

Kindred has an existing relationship with the organisation, having sponsored its ‘Active Fans’ programme earlier this year. The EFDN currently has more than 85 members across Europe.

“We feel that the work EFDN do is very important and aligns well with Kindred values,” Kindred chief executive Henrik Tjärnström said. “We truly believe that this will be a successful partnership where we will be able to build great things together.

“For example, we will share our knowledge and experience by developing and implementing an anti-match fixing programme to the extensive network of EFDN member clubs.”

EFDN chief executive Hubert Rovers added: “There is a natural fit between EFDN and Kindred as we both share the love for football and are leaders in our industries in terms of taking responsibility for the community and in contributing to sustainability.

“Kindred uses a new sustainability-driven framework for sponsorships and promotes community initiatives through its partnerships with clubs and leagues. At EFDN, we strive to raise the quality and impact of community programmes through knowledge exchange and collaboration.”