Kenyan president signs off on 35% gambling tax law

22 June 2017

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed a new law that will impose a tax of 35% of gross profit on all gambling activities in the country.

Last week, MPs voted in favour of the rate, which represents a sharp increase on what operators had been paying.

Bookmakers active in the country were paying a 7.5% rate, while lotteries were taxed at 5%, casino gambling at 12% and competitions such as raffles at 15%.

However, the new rate is lower than the 50% rate that Kenyatta had originally proposed, before agreeing to drop down to 35%.

Kenyatta had refused to sign the Finance Bill as a result of the lack of support for his proposed 50% rate, which, according to Citizen TV, he said would help to discourage gambling amongst the youth of Kenya.

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