KAX Media unveils new Gambling.com Group brand

23 June 2017

KAX Media has rebranded as the Gambling.com Group in a move it said has been designed to better reflect its business focus.

The new name will only apply to the marketing firm’s holding company, with the group to retain the KAX Media brand as the name of its internal digital agencies in Dublin, Ireland, and in Tampa, Florida, in the US.

The firm currently operates a network of 30 casino-focused information portals across 14 national markets in eight languages and uses this setup to deliver a source of players for online gambling operators.

Gambling.com has served as the company’s largest website since 2012 and is still its leading publishing asset.

In a statement, the firm said: “By utilising the domain in the company’s name and corporate branding, the company's shareholders will further benefit from the power of this unique asset.”