Jockey Adam Hyeronimus found guilty on 30 betting charges

21 July 2020

Racing New South Wales (NSW) stewards have found professional jockey Adam Hyeronimus, alongside stablehand Blake Paine, guilty of 30 out of 31 illegal betting charges, related to activity which took place between 2016 and 2019.

Hyeronimus has been found guilty of two counts of jockey misconduct, having placed bets of $500 on two horses (Limbo Soul and Lucky Meteor) he was to ride in races in which he was competing.

He was also found guilty of placing an additional 29 bets on thoroughbred horse racing between 2016 and 2019.

Stablehand Blake Paine was found to be implicated in each of the above cases, and stewards were satsified he was guilty of 31 counts of betting with or for a jockey. Charges have been brought forward against both for supplying false evidence to a stewards’ enquiry.

Evidence shows that on 22 of the 31 cited occasions, Hyeronimus transferred funds to Paine, who deposited into his Sportsbet account and placed bets on the jockey’s behalf, under his own name.

On the other occasions, funds paid from winning bets were used to place additional bets on racing and sport. It was determined that between June 2016 and November 2018, approximately $30,000 was transferred from Hyeronimus to Paine for this purpose.

SMS records show several conversations between the two detailing tips for betting on horse races, references to the transfer of funds and requests from Hyeronimus for Paine to place bets on his behalf.

Racing NSW rules require that jockeys must not “bet, or have any interest in a bet, or facilitate a bet, on any race” and that, if a jockey or apprentice breaches these rules, a disqualification of not less than two years must be imposed.

Similarly, for others in the industry it is required that “a person must not bet with or for a jockey or apprentice jockey, or give or offer a rider any pecuniary or other gift or consideration, contrary to these Australian Rules.”

Having found both Paine and Hyeronimus guilty of 30 of the 31 charges, the stewards will now set a date to consider charge 32 (relating to the supply of false evidence to the stewards’ enquiry) and to consider penalties.

Hyeronimus will be free to continue riding until a hearing is scheduled next month. When stewards hand down their penalty, he will also have the option to appeal.