Intralot signs extension with merged Dutch lotteries

13 April 2016

Intralot has signed an extended contract with Nederlandse Staatsloterij and De Lotto, the Dutch lottery operators that recently announced their merger and the establishment of a new gaming entity.

Under the deal, Intralot will continue to supply its LOTOSTM O/S platform and related services, connected to its 5,000 proprietary terminals.

Intralot will also provide a ‘Prime and Disaster Data Centre’, a call centre facility for players and retailers, as well as other solutions and services.

De Nederlandse Staatsloterij and De Lotto currently offer a range of online and land-based games such as traditional lotteries, numerical games and a full sportsbook.

Nikos Nikolakopoulos, chief operating officer of Intralot, said: “Intralot has managed to design and deliver unique solutions for one of the most technologically advanced projects of our sector worldwide.

“We are happy to assist both long-term customers with novel gaming solutions in their combined new operation and we appreciate their trust in our capabilities underscored by this contract renewal.”

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