Indiana considers DFS regulation as bills progress

2 February 2016

Indiana has joined the expanding list of US states considering regulating daily fantasy sports (DFS) games, with a number of bills having been put forward.

One bill is currently moving through the state’s Senate, while another has been introduced in the House, with both having been designed to regulate DFS.

The bills would distinguish DFS betting from gambling, which is more regulated and taxed in the state.

Alan Morrison, the author of the House bill, said that the introduction of the bills is necessary, due to the ongoing uncertainty over DFS in Indiana.

“The attorney general of Indiana hasn’t offered an opinion on this and it has been left up to the General Assembly,” Morrison said, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

“I think it’s time to do something.”

Morrison added that he does not want to discourage DFS firms from conducting business in the state, while also setting a target of making fantasy sports more commonplace by encouraging casinos and racinos in the state to join the fantasy sports market.

“We wanted to put together legislation that would protect Indiana residents and at the same time welcome in fantasy sports operators,” Morrison said.

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