iGB Diary: That's The Ladbrokes Life, Best job - it's ours, You can not be serious!

2 May 2014

That’s life
Good to see Ladbrokes moving away from the ‘screaming odds’ adverts that saw two lobotomised punters asking an ‘Oddsfather’ for best prices. The Ladbrokes Life ad is more subtle, at times humorous and well-produced. However, as funny and well thought out as it is, it still presents an image gambling companies just cannot seem to shake off: a load of blokes in a pub, bit of banter, on their way to the match, Lock, stock-style intros to each character etc. Nothing wrong with that to an extent, although operators have tried to move away from this of late... Then again, people on trains being interrupted by trumpet-playing weirdos (Betfred), Victor being stalked by a demented cross dresser (Bet Victor) and Ray Winstone’s floating head (Bet365)… No doubt each has been successful for the respective operators and compare favourably to other adverts produced in other markets (PMU we’re looking at you), but the day a gambling ad manages to reach the awareness levels of, say, ahem... Ferrero Rocher’s cheesy genius (Ed - you’ve got to be kidding)... we can be sure gambling will have truly hit the mainstream.

Best job… should be ours
We fully intend to roam Rio’s beaches and clubs this summer, err, of course we mean blog, tweet and report on the biggest sporting event in the world on the world’s greatest sporting event this June by being selected for Titan Bet’s Best Job in the World promo. The Diary has locked itself in a darkened room for the last 48 hours planning how we can make the Titan Bet shortlist and, seeing how we are the best looking and most intelligent igaming publication, plus the fact we don’t mind appearing with no clothes on online, should get us a first class ticket to the tournament… either that or we’ll have to smuggle ourselves under the fuselage of the A380.

You cannot be serious
As journos of the highest standards (Ed – what now...), it’s always good when readers have their eye on the ball and keep us on track. So thanks Adam Krejcik of Eilers Research for pointing out that the social gaming forecasts iGB quoted in a news story were “ridiculous”. The stats were taken from a press release service where publishers/research companies quote a massive forecast to attract attention for the next five years. But as Krejcik told us, “the forecasts are five years out, that way they change them and say they weren’t meant to be 100% accurate, but often they are so far-fetched and everything has to go right to hit those numbers.” Fair dos, so to keep up the tradition, we’ve started working on our five-year forecast for in-app-social-micro-payment-anti-fraud-phablet-connector-manufactuting-outsourcing. Watch this space!