iGB Diary: LAC DDoS, No regulation best?, Well done EiG, Pinnacle - trunk full of cash

6 November 2015

Happy Friday igaming people - the iGB Diary, good for your igaming health and it's free! This week we managed to DDoS ourselves, muse (some more) about regulation, love EiG's booking system and read a fascinating piece on Pinnacle Sports. 

DDoS– but not as we know it
When is a DDoS attack not a DDoS attack? The Diary is just about aware of what a DDoS attack is so watch out for some serious hi tech talk now. Is it when you inflict a dose of DDoS on yourself? When your servers get all flustered because of a spike in traffic of people wanting to access the site for crucial, must-have business information? When you tell a few people to check out your website and it is unable to handle 10 concurrent requests? A mix of all those things? Maybe, but for us it's when you email your database telling them that the floorplan for the 2016 London Affiliate Conference is live and ready for them to view. For that is what happened when we emailed our contacts about said floorplan and they all tried to access the website at the same time and, of course, it crashed miserably. We told you it was hi tech stuff. Anyway, we’ll be trying again next week and have been assured it won’t happen again. Those tech people eh, couple of minutes off Red Alert and they’re grumbling…

No regulation best?
The Diary received a number of emails in relation to its somewhat disparaging comments about igaming regulation last week. They ranged from the “you shouldn’t talk about the industry’s grey(er) practices” to “all you’re doing is making regulators angry” to “well done, it’s good to bring these issues out into the open”. We tend to agree with the latter comment, as would be expected. Beyond this however, it’s important to point out how business is done across the unregulated industry while (for want of a better expression) speaking truth to regulators and their regulated markets; where many operators get licensed, at significant cost, but with highly varying levels of returns. And for all the talk of the industry wanting to be regulated, ask many top execs of regulated groups what they think of regulation and off the record they will say the best scenarios are/were those where they could advertise and market their products more or less openly from an offshore base. In other words, when there was no formal regulation of the sector. Of course it's not as black and white as that, regulation is good overall, but with it come tax and legal frameworks that make profitability very hard to achieve.     

Grey is green - and double-booked
So if it's not black or white, it's got to be grey right? (Love the link, really, Ed). We'll stop our rubbish puns and say well done to EiG organisers Clarion, whose final tally of 1,669 delegates over the three days at this year’s event represented a 13% rise in delegate numbers on the 2014 edition. Its ‘GreyIsTheNewGreen’ tagline was really successful apparently (just don’t ask us what it means, we thought everything was ‘the new black’) and the content was also well received. So well done EiG, although it needs to sort out its bookings system. When the Isle of Man and Alderney stands, opposite one another on the expo floor, invited delegates and press for afternoon drinks and food they told Clarion to make sure their respective gatherings didn’t clash… so guess what happened. Talk of breweries, piss ups, not being able to handle any of those quickly surfaced. For what it's worth, the Diary thought it was excellent, double helpings of everything, what more could we ask for?! (We don't get fed much at iGB towers... ;)

Trunk full of cash
The New York Times is really going to town on all things igaming at the moment. Somewhat belatedly, we caught up on this piece about Pinnacle Sports published at the end of October (while we were shoulder deep in lederhosens in Berlin). The NYT followed up its current series on US igaming with a major piece about Curaҫao-based Pinnacle and will air a Frontline-PBS documentary about the industry this winter. No doubt it will make for some uncomfortable viewing, but the details are sure to remain fascinating, as ever. In the NYT's latest instalment, one anecdote stands out. As undercover agents watched one of Pinnacle’s founders/high rollers “enter a California restaurant with a brown suitcase. It was heavy enough that he was pulling it on rollers, and no wonder: The suitcase held $1.5 million in cash (pictured below). Local deputies stopped the car in Pico Rivera and confiscated the cash”. With Pinnacle associates worrying about what would happen should the money go missing, the NYT counters: “They need not have worried. Pinnacle replaced the money in less than a week, records show.” Just don’t ask for any change eh…

Have a great weekend!