iGB Diary: iGaming Super Show 2017

14 July 2017

Happy Friday igamers! It's the Friday following on from the week of the... iGaming Super Show. Which really was super... tiring. But good. And busy. And hectic. And productive. As always it was great to see so many contacts, whether on the affiliate or B2B side of the industry, and catch up with them all.  

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There were many eye-catching moments (and we’re not just talking about the expo girls) and the vast majority of the conference talks and panels were really interesting and insightful.

With eight content streams over the two days of the event it is difficult to pin down a single standout moment, but your iGB Diary gamely attempted to do just that. Anyway, here is our round-up of the Super Show happenings that were funny, weird and fascinating.

The session by Craig Wright, aka the alleged bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, was a particular highlight that illustrated bitcoin is much more than just a payment mechanism. Some of the other highlights can be found in our Day 1 and Day 2 round-ups. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
We’ll start with the really important topic (we‘re sure you’ll all agree): Microgaming’s 10 scoop challenge. You laugh, but could you handle 10 scoops of the igaming pioneer’s emoji-flavoured, super-delicious ice cream? We know, this is the kind of serious business that needs one's undivided attention. Not sure who won, we managed 10 as a team, but individually we’re not sure anyone quite had the appetite for a 100% solo effort.

Will the real Satoshi please stand up?
One much anticipated presentation at the iGaming Executive stream was Craig Wright's. If the name sounds familiar it is because there has been widespread speculation that he is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto, the man behind bitcoin. No one dared ask him if he was Satoshi Nakamoto and at the Diary we’re such intrepid and fearless seekers of THE TRUTH (can you handle it?) that we just didn’t want to put ourselves through the whole ordeal. To be fair there wasn't really time for those types of questions. The talk itself was very interesting and here's a digested read of it (or what we thought it meant at least): there is so much computational power out there that we are not using (Moore’s law, look it up) and if unleashed it could overcome regimes such as North Korea’s through sheer information and technological overload. “How can any government stop that?” Wright asked rhetorically. Bitcoin, so often seen as ‘merely’ a payment mechanism, would enable all these amazing transformations by being a highly efficient, connected and secure network. Wright explained that one of his projects back in the late 1990s was called Blacknet. The name was not meant to be understood in the same way as ‘dark web’ or ’dark net’ is today, but rather because it “was dark, as in 100% private”, and users would be in complete control. 

Much of what he said was really eye-opening (50 trillion GBs of data in the next 10 years anyone?), but it’s also worth pointing out that he divides opinion, click on the Twitter exchanges below to get an idea of what we're referring to. His views have a strong libertarian, academic/tech tone but they do leave one thinking that all the theorising is hard to enact in the physical world. Having said that, bitcoin is that physical embodiment currently and given time Wright sees it as the underpinning tech architecture of this brave new world; the very embodiment of the tech revolution he describes. Keep an eye on it eh. The Matrix look was something else and the old school poker table had a classic vintage look as well. 

Chill man, and check the schedule!
Trade shows are always super busy and everyone’s running around doing deals and networking. But there is no reason for being rude. So who was the exec who turned up an hour before the show was due to open on Day 2 and seeing as the event wasn’t going to open just for him just kept on blaming and having a go at the staff about it? All the times and schedules are on the website, all he had to do was check. We’ll let you guess who it was, but better run for cover.

Dream come true
Staying on a serious tip, Jason Reed from iGB stand contractor Symbiosis got to fulfill a lifelong dream and at iGB we were more than happy to oblige. No words needed, just watch the footage.

As we said, there is loads to look at and smile on our social feeds. We've got a plane to catch now so have a great weekend and we'll be back next week once we've recovered!