iGB Diary: GoWager closure - go figure, Dude, where’s my pimp-stick?, ‘arry no show at LAC, Jon Stewart does Adelson classic

13 February 2015

Comment is free... and prejudice reigns
For a newspaper that is so opposed to gambling, the Guardian seems to bring up the topic with puzzling regularity. For some time it has campaigned against FOBTs and recently closed down the GoWager betting site it operated in partnership with FSB Tech, because of ethical concerns and the fact that it didn’t want to be involved in promoting gambling. We looked at the GoWager issue in more detail and the bottom line is that the Guardian’s decision has more holes in it than your average piece of gruyère. We asked it if this meant it would stop serving ads for bookmakers; or if it had asked its sports readers if promotions for GoWager bothered them, but were given the party line of the official statement (which says nothing of much interest). The Guardian has published fantastic stories over the years, whether it’s the NSA, phone hacking or going back a bit the Jonathan Aitken perjury scandal. Which is another reason to be saddened by its refusal to engage and debate this (albeit) less important but no less relevant issue.

Dude, where’s my pimp-stick?
As iGaming Business publisher/editor/chief pimp Michael Caselli put it so eloquently on Facebook following the Fire&Ice party last week: 

No we haven’t Michael, but we certainly like the moniker you’ve given it. We then got to thinking (it happens every now and again), if it’s pimp style you want, surely Fire&Ice should have had a Superfly theme rather than the Victorian one it chose this year? How about this for 2016?

‘arry no show at LAC
Affiliates and operators were left disappointed that Harry Redknapp didn’t show up at the 666Bet stand at the London Affiliate Conference a couple of weeks ago. He resigned from his QPR manager’s job a couple of days later so clearly had other things on his mind. Apparently Redknapp now wants to get a job somewhere sunny and, frankly, who wouldn’t the same? So in case he leaves this green and pleasant land, here’s one of his best one-liners, the way he’s so narked about what’s just happened while the local journo tries to finish the interview is a classic of the genre. Watch it from 23 seconds onwards. 

RAWA rears its ugly head – again
Yes we are talking about Sheldon Adelson’s anti-igaming pet project and no we’re not talking about his physical appearance. His Restoration of America’s Wire Act is such a blatant symbol of the way the US political system has been taken over by big money over single-issue campaigns (a trend increasingly seen across Europe, if in a less visible form) that it is crying out for some wide-ranging reform. This of course will never happen. Luckily for the igaming sector, RAWA has little chance of making it past Congress, as state lotteries, conservative groups and the 2016 presidential elections mean there will be more pressing issues. But since the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart announced his retirement this week, we thought we’d leave you with one of his classics on Adelson. Enjoy and have a great weekend!