iGB Diary: Glass act, Teddy Sagi offloads Playtech shares, Oscar night with Paddy Power, #awks

7 March 2014

Glass act

While researching social gaming, going on Facebook err I mean looking into the latest igaming trends for our next series of reports, the iGB Diary stumbled upon one of the best sites on the internet. As well as listing vacancies at some of the world’s biggest global companies, Glassdoor.com allows people to leave anonymous reviews of their time at the firms they’ve worked at or currently work for.


As it’s Friday let’s play a little game – match the company with the comment below:

(All comments taken from www.glassdoor.com)

Our favourite is comment has to be: “Has become political, food not great.” Get your priorities straight guys! By the way, we hear the Google chef is awesome.

Teddy share

So, Playtech supremo Teddy Sagi has sold more than 15% of his stock and pocketed more than £300m in the process, but the share price has headed south. Boo hoo. Ladbrokes will surely reap the benefits of Playtech’s technology, expertise and commitment in good time (in large part due to the huge incentives and bonuses the software giant will receive if it succeeds in bringing it back from the digital dead) and the share price will be back up before you can say ‘online joint venture’.

Walking the line

Paddy Power’s ‘department of mischief’ had, until late last week, been well-behaved. Apart form a classic Alex Ferguson-at Old-Trafford-in-an-emergency-box stunt, it hadn’t made too many headlines. This all changed last week… Whether you like it or think it’s in poor taste, Paddy Power’s Oscar Pistorius ‘Money back if he walks’ ad has created just the kind of buzz the guys and gals in green love.

Timed to coincide with the Hollywood Oscars, some very positive financials for the company, next week’s Cheltenham festival and the fact that more than 110,000 people signed an online petition to ban the ad, it has proven a huge hit (good and bad) and people have talked about little else (competition included of course). Hats off Paddy.


Meanwhile, hashtag #awks. According to the Independent, Harry Dromey, son of UK politicians Harriet Harman and her husband Jack Dromey, who’ve been in the news somewhat of late, is employed by Paddy Power to dream up cheeky stunts with said ‘department of mischief’. His parents probably don’t care that much anyway, after having the curtain twitch.. err sorry Daily Mail on their case, a bit of a to do around some off colour marketing for a betting company must seem like a walk in the park.