iGaming Business-Blueclaw SEO Report 2017 available at LAC 2017

7 February 2017

iGaming Business and Blueclaw have joined forces to produce a special LAC 2017 SEO Report that will be available in the media area of the event and in the conference sessions.   

The report focuses on the essentials, or four pillars, needed to have a successful SEO strategy 

Having a strong SEO strategy is as much the result of getting all those constituent parts working in as it is about each of them working individually.

In other words, doing one element of a corporate strategy well is no longer enough and it is vital to think ‘holistically’ and combining alls elements across the igaming board, whether for operators, affiliates or suppliers.

For this report, Blueclaw has focused on what it calls the ‘four pillars’ of customer acquisition:

  • On-site technical SEO,
  • Content marketing, off-site SEO and link earning,
  • Customer experience and engagement,
  • Paid search and social.

It is not enough to do just one of these things well – it is the combination that makes the difference between success and doing ok, or worse. This is even more relevant when the industry is so competitive and players have so many alternatives to choose from.

All this comes at a time when operators are being squeezed for every penny, dollar or euro by governments desperate for tax revenues.

This is where affiliates can play a key role in helping them make best use of the data, optimise their acquisition process and put in place strategies that are scalable, while growing their own businesses.

Click on the e-zine link below to reads the report and you can pick up your own hard copy in the media area of LAC and in the conference rooms.