ICSS partners with esports body in integrity push

20 February 2017

The eSports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) has joined forces with the International Centre for Sport Security Europe (ICSS Europe) in an effort to strengthen the integrity of the professional esports industry.

The two organisations will collaborate on a series of projects and initiatives as part of the new partnership, focusing on areas such as good governance, integrity and transparency in esports, as well as addressing and preventing the manipulation of competitions and results.

ICSS Europe will provide both advice and support to the ESOC on its global anti-corruption campaign, as well as offer services such as education for players, competitors, game developers and tournament organisers.

The organisations will also work together on developing awareness initiatives to promote integrity across the industry, investigating allegations of match-fixing, as well as establishing a ‘fit and proper persons’ criteria.

“I am very pleased that ESIC has been able to expand its capacity with such an experienced and able organisation as ICSS Europe,” ESIC integrity commissioner Ian Smith said.

“We share the same vision – for sport played to win and free of manipulation and corruption – and it has, consequently, been an easy and obvious decision to work together.”

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, chief executive of ICSS Europe, added: “Esports is a rapidly expanding industry; without appropriate oversight, it may be left open to abuses and corrupt practices, and this must be avoided at all costs.

“Thanks to the important work being carried out by the esports Integrity Coalition, as a guardian of the sporting integrity of esports, this risk is being minimised.”

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