ICE organisers ban ‘overtly sexual’ marketing practices

4 October 2018

Clarion Gaming has revised its code of conduct including new guidance on gender representation and dress codes for stand staff.

The code will apply across Clarion Gaming’s events portfolio, including the world’s biggest gaming exhibition, ICE London, and is a mandatory list of terms and conditions that participants are required to agree to.

The new rules pledge to create a “safe, respectful, ethical and appropriate working environment for everyone, including staff, exhibitors, customers and suppliers”.

The code of conduct bans the partial or total nudity of stand staff, or overtly sexually suggestive clothing.

Some flexibility has been written into the code to account for promotional characters that are seen in-game. However, where the use of those characters could contravene the new rules, permission must be sought from Clarion Gaming show management ahead of the event.

Clarion Gaming managing director Kate Chambers has driven the process to reform practices following critical coverage of some exhibitors’ marketing practices at last year’s flagship gaming event.

“The 2018 edition of ICE London was the most successful on record but it was also the edition that generated the most coverage in consumer media and not for all of the right reasons,” she said.

“The ICE brand does not and will not hide from difficult situations and before the 2018 edition closed we began the process of consultation with our stakeholders using the 920-strong Ampersand Group which is the biggest think-tank-meets-focus-group in gaming. From Ampersand we created a Diversity Working Group comprising 80 gaming professionals: this group has been consulted with and contributed to our Code of Conduct.”

Chambers added that the business was “committed to continue to drive a cultural shift in terms of the representation of gender and we have backed up that strategy with a robust set of T&Cs that set out responsibilities and are conditional on participation”.

For more information on ICE London 2019 and to view the Code of Conduct, visit: