H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business launch the iGaming Dashboard

7 November 2013

H2 Gambling Capital and iGaming Business launch the iGaming Dashboard, your monthly overview of the igaming sector in numbers. 

Kicking off the data series this November, the interactive infographic below shows the evolution of the igaming sector since 2003 with projections up to 2018. By clicking on the different years it’s possible to see that total global gambling gross win for igaming is projected to rise from a total of €26.7bn in 2013 to €43.3bn in 2018.

Stand out data includes the rise of igaming gross in the US, currently standing at €4bn, it is set to rise to nearly €11bn in 2018 as the individual states regulate their respective sectors and products are gradually able to operate in a regulated North American market.

In terms of product verticals, betting dominates the interactive sector when it comes to the gross win it generates and is set to continue being the dominant product is igaming as it rises to €17.4bn by 2018.

Worth noticing is the anticipated rise in state lotteries’ online revenues in the next five years. If they are currently generating €2.3bn in gross win, that figure is set to nearly double to €4.3bn in 2018.

The interactive infographic below is available freely this month but will be part of the iGaming Business Intelligence and analysis Centre from December, while further data and intelligence will be provided on a wide range of igaming sectors and markets as part of the exclusive iGB-H2 Gambling Capital data partnership.

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